Download GoldLink’s Impressive Debut Album, ‘The God Complex’

And add a new name to your list of favorite DMV-area rappers.

goldlink the god complex album

Standing out in any genre of music is a tough task these days, but hip-hop in particular tends to be an especially tough field to make a name for yourself in. If you had to pick a fresh new face to be “next” up on the list though, DMV native GoldLink wouldn’t be a bad choice.

“The moment God is figured out with nice neat lines and definitions, we are no longer dealing with God.” – Rob Bell

In the premiere of his debut album The God Complex, The Fader naturally makes a comparison to DC-born rapper Wale, describing the same “where-did-this-come-from” feeling that applies to both artist’s breakthrough work. Musically however, GoldLink is carving a unique lane for himself.

On Facebook, the “future bounce” backbone to his raps is described as “a mix of buttery 90s R&B grooves with classic hip-hop breaks and bouncy, forward-thinking production.” In the case of The God Complex, Louie Lastic drives that definition home with “Planet Paradise” and “Bedtime Story,” both of which double as my favorite tracks on the album. On “Ay Ay,” Fingalick masterfully works in a “Men In Black” sample, while JFK and Jaylen! utilize a tripped out version of Britney Spears “Toxic” for the outro of “How It’s Done.”

Spanning only 26 minutes over 9 songs, The God Complex is short but purposeful showcase of GoldLink’s talent, and ends up being one of the most absorbing hip-hop projects in recent memory. Stream or download it for free below.

And for those in the DC area, head over to U Street Music Hall on April 12 for the God Complex album release party. Tickets and more info here.

Download ‘The God Complex’