Stream HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Rap Mixtape, ‘Catch the Throne’

It's actually not half bad, and if nothing else, the Dominik Omega contribution is definitely worth your time.


Okay HBO, you win. For what it’s worth, some of the songs on your new ‘Game of Thrones’ mixtape are actually pretty sick. From a production standpoint, they’re really all great, especially if you’re already a fan of the series and can vibe with a solid hip-hop instrumental.

Initially, the two tracks from Big Boi and Wale (surprisingly enough) had me anticipating a fairly forgettable mixtape, and while each of their songs has grown on me slightly after hearing the full project, they still sound forced at times, resulting in some lyrics that are simply too corny to be taken seriously (i.e. “dungeons, dragons, kings and queens”).

Fortunately, Dominik Omega was born for ‘Game of Thrones’ raps and absolutely decapitates his Dothraki-infused contribution, “Arya’s Prayer.” Snow tha Product (who’s name alone is appropriate for this mixtape) also came through in a big way with her ferocious, unrelenting bars on “Fire.”

Rounding out my worth-listening-to list are Common, Daddy Yankee and Kilo Kish, who’s songs “The Ladder,” “Born to Rule” and “Magical Reality” respectively work really well in this Westeros-themed rap fantasy land.

You can stream the entire ‘Catch The Throne’ mixtape below. Look for a free download link to surface soon, and prepare yourself for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4, premiering in exactly one month on April 6.

Stream ‘Catch The Throne’ (Mixtape)

Catch The Throne Tracklist

01. Big Boi – Mother of Dragons
02. Magazeen – Iron Throne
03. Bodega Bamz – Win or Die
04. Kilo Kish – Magical Reality
05. Daddy Yankee – Born to Rule
06. Dominik Omega – Arya’s Prayer
07. Dee Goodz – The Parallel
08. Snow tha Product – Fire
09. Common – Interlude/The Ladder
10. Wale – King Slayer