Porter Robinson Shares “Sea of Voices,” Explains New Direction on Twitter

porter robinson sea of voices worlds

After much anticipation (and a 10-hour teaser video), Porter Robinson has finally shared a new song from his forthcoming debut studio album, worlds.

Opening with the peaceful sound of chimes blowing in the breeze, “Sea of Voices” plays out as mesmerizing, cinematic, and the complete opposite of his hard-hitting Spitfire EP. It’s even bringing some people to tears.

As instructed though, don’t just click the loud part of the waveform.
UPDATE: “Sea of Voices” is now available on iTunes.

“Sea of Voices” on iTunes

Just prior to posting the new song, Porter shared some thoughts on Twitter “that have mostly been sitting in his drafts for last few years” regarding his new direction, the difference between music that “works for DJs” and the music that he loves, and how he almost quit producing under the name Porter Robinson.

it’s 7:00 AM right now here in australia. i’m incredibly jet lagged, so i already slept. i just watched the sun rise and it was killer. i’m going to organize and post some thoughts that have mostly been sitting in my drafts for the last few years ago, i realized that i wanted to write an album that focused on beauty above all else. the feeling of hugeness and gorgeousness and vastness and beauty is what i fucking live for. it is my favorite thing in the world. i kept trying to write songs that both satisfied me artistically and also could ‘work’ in a dj set. nobody ever heard these songs because they sucked and made me miserable. again and again, i found that making a track ‘danceable’ just meant compromising and ignoring what the song really needed and i found that the more i forced myself to work within those dj-friendly limits, the more i resented the genre. i realized that the rift between the music that works for DJs and the music that i love had grown too huge to ignore. i considered quitting ‘porter robinson’ and exclusively writing music under an alias. the reason i didn’t quit is ‘language’. to me, that song is the gate between my DJ music and the Worlds stuff. i’ve had multiple anxiety attacks on stage this year and it was always related to feeling like a fraud. it sucked. the fucking watershed moment in writing Worlds was when i realized that i didn’t have to write songs for DJs. i realized that my need to be honest with myself and with you was greater than my need to be famous or whatever. i don’t want to cheapen peoples’ past experiences of shows or songs. i still fuck with my old stuff. that was my favorite music when i was 18. i am 21 now and now i’m writing 21-year-old-me’s favorite music. “don’t forget your roots” dude, if i was still writing my ‘roots’ music i’d be writing eurodance DDR shit so don’t even give me that lmao.