Here’s a *Leaked Page from the ‘Yeezus’ Movie Script

kanye west yeezus tour

Last week, it was reported that American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis was working with Kanye West to develop a script for a Yeezus film. Now, we get what Slamxhype is calling a leaked page from said script obtained for “good money” by “someone-who-works-for-someone” in the entertainment industry (sounds pretty sketchy, I know).

Nevertheless, the alleged script basically recreates a scene from the Yeezus tour, in which Kanye meets Jesus at the top of a mountain and is tasked with “ending the world’s ambivalence” by creating music that “reflects what the world has become, but also what it can be again.” Some of “Kanye’s” annotations seem obviously satirical to me (i.e. “HAS TO BE LIAM NEESON”), but then again it is Yeezus we’re talking about here, so nothing is ever out of the question.

Read below, and look for an official update soon.

yeezus movie leaked script