5 Reasons Why I Hated Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” Video

avicii wake me up video

Avicii just released the music video for his obscenely popular, Aloe Blacc-assisted TRUE single, “Wake Me Up.” Watch it below.

Now here are 5 reasons why I hated it.

1. The Shutterstock EDM festival.

avicii wake me up fake edm

Yes, there is footage from Avicii’s Ultra performance, but the rest of the purple and red-colored dance clips couldn’t have looked less real.

2. The main character leaves her sister (daughter?) alone in a town where she’s likely to get murdered.

avicii wake me up girl leaving horse

This was the one that really got me. I mean did you SEE the people in that first town?! There is a strong chance most of them were cannibals and/or serial killers, all of whom were just staring you down like you were Satan. Definitely not a safe environment to get up and leave your little sister in while you go off and find your lesbian crush at an Avicii concert. At least call a babysitter! #SMH

3. The obnoxious product placement.

avicii wake me up ralph lauren

avicii wake me up sony

I’ve had it about up to here with these companies trying to force themselves on me whenever I want to listen to music. Just the other day Avicii dropped a song in partnership with burn energy drink, and now we’ve got not one, but two ridiculously unnecessary plugs in his “Wake Me Up” video from Ralph Lauren and Sony.

Also, if you look closely at the phone, the screen reads, “play LEGO Star Wars the Yoda Chronicles for free.” TWICE. Also, get off your phone while you’re at the show.

4. The way the girl says “get up, pack your things!”

avicii wake me up pack your things

At 3:20 in the video. No one else was thrown off by this?

5. Why they walk at the end.

avicii wake me up walk off

Your first trip to that friendly Avicii tattoo city seemed like a long journey? What happened to your horse? Where are all your personal belongings? Don’t you know hitchhiking isn’t safe? Ahh, I hate this video!