Penthouse Penthouse – When It’s Hot (feat. Djemba Djemba & Mr. Carmack)

penthouse penthouse when its hot

Can we talk about the name Penthouse Penthouse for a second? I mean, without hearing any music, there’s just something about reading Penthouse Penthouse that gives you that confident first impression that something awesome is about to follow.

From the moment you press play on what’s become the Los Angeles duo’s breakout tune, “When It’s Hot,” that predisposition is actualized through a Justin Timberlake-like beatbox and similarly 90s-influenced R&B vocals that are more refreshing than a gulp of ice cold lemonade on a hot Summer day. To make things even sweeter, SIS favorite Djemba Djemba and Mr. Carmack provide an assist on this Penthouse Penthouse slam dunk that’s already got a reserved seat on your warm weather playlist.

Stream below and pick up the TeamSupreme release on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp: Penthouse Penthouse – When It’s Hot