Everyone’s a DJ, Even Hodor From ‘Game of Thrones’

hodor game of thrones

On Game of Thrones, Kristian Nairn is best known for playing Hodor, the loyal yet inarticulate servant to House Stark (or what’s left of it anyway). In real life though? Well, you guessed it: he’s a DJ. In his home country of Ireland, a well known DJ in fact. He’s even shared the stage with big names like Calvin Harris, Mylo and Scissor Sisters, and has a background in piano and electric guitar!

Here’s ole 6’10” DJ Hodor in action.

hodor dj

For the past 11 years, Kristian, 37, has been spinning a residency at Belfast’s Kremlin. Here’s a sample mix he did back in 2010 for Irish radio, for which Hodor notes: “very commercial, and my first time using Traktor I might add! lol”

He’s also produced a remix:

Here he is with Kelly Clarkson.

hodor kelly clarkson

Here’s the full interview from 2011, and yes, he can say more words than “Hodor.”

Who knew?

(Comic Book Movie)