SPEAK – Peaks

speak peaks

Did somebody say Coldplay? Er, I mean Maroon 5. Damnit! I meant to say Austin-based indie band SPEAK, excuse me. But in all seriousness, there’s a definite Chris Martin / Adam Levine component to what is their first new song in almost 2 years, “Peaks,” is there not?

Pigeons and Planes, who provided us with the premiere, described the tune as the “kind of song that, even on first listen, sounds like something you’ve heard before,” which based on my comparison above I completely agree with. It’s an atmospheric and entrancing 5-minute haul of powerful “art rock” that you’re going to want keep playing forever. There’s even a harp, so you know it’s going to be good.

Listen below or download below, and expect more SPEAK music hitting your ears this summer as they have plans to release a new album sometime in the coming months.

Download: SPEAK – Peaks