Daft Punk to Stream ‘Random Access Memories’ on iTunes May 13?

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UPDATE: Turns out our Reddit insider was right again! Stream Random Access Memories in its entirety here.

According to redditor theyremovingit, Daft Punk will be streaming Random Access Memories (in its entirety) on iTunes next Monday, May 13, ahead of the album’s May 17 release. From the original thread:

As some of you may know, I have provided some insight into upcoming stuff.
My source (Double sources actually) is saying that there WILL be a streaming of the album on the 13th (Monday next week). 99.9% certain on this.
That is all.

Being an active follower of the Daft Punk pulse on Twitter, this isn’t the first time I’ve caught wind of an album stream rumor, but obviously with no hard sources to reference outside of this fairly mysterious redditor, it’s not something you should immediately believe. However, according to the post’s commenters, “all the stuff he has said before has been 100% accurate,” so take that as you will.

Keep it locked on Twitter and Facebook for any official updates on this as we inch closer the Random Access Memories release.