Daft Punk – Giorgio By Moroder (Leak)

giorgio moroder

UPDATE: Stream Random Access Memories in full here.

Recorded (very discretely I’m sure) during one of the early album listening sessions, here’s your first taste of Random Access Memories‘s third track, “Giorgio By Moroder.” Daft Punk described the song to France’s Obsession magazine like this:

The idea behind the track was to make a sort of documentary based on an interview we did with him. Giorgio Moroder’s voice was recorded with different microphones from different periods. We finally ended with over three hours worth of interview material in which he recalls his life as a musician. This track is a great metaphore on musical freedom.

For those already questioning this rip’s validity, here’s an excerpt from the preliminary album review provided by NME:

Then, at about two minutes there’s a drop for Moroder to announce, “My name is Hansjörg Giovanni, but everyone calls me Giorgio” – and everything goes ape with seven minutes of techno odyssey that moves from squirty synth to lounge bar electric piano to circling strings to clattering breakbeats to jacking hip-hop before the bass bounces down comically to nothing.

Very low quality at this point (and only spanning a 3-minute portion of the full length), but more than enough to give an idea of the tune sounds like.

Daft Punk – Giorgio By Moroder

[Audio removed by request]

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I’ve been asked by higher powers at Columbia Records to remove the audio from this post. If you were somehow late to the party and missed the clip, just follow SIS on Twitter and be the first to know when more Random Access Memories audio surfaces.

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