Plot Twist: R. Kelly “Breaks Off a Lil’ Preview of the Remix” with Phoenix at Coachella

r kelly phoenix coachella 3

Expecting Daft Punk? Too bad! You got, that’s right, R.-motherfucking-Kelly.

The man who’s been trapped in the closet for longer than I would wish on any man joined Phoenix on stage at Coachella Saturday night, performing mashups of his “Ignition” remix and “I’m a Flirt” with Phoenix’s “1901” and “Chloroform.” No Tupac hologram, but it was pretty damn epic. Video should be up soon.

UPDATE 1: Video from the crowd has hit YouTube. Note the confusion that slowly turns to excitement, particularly, that one girl who keeps saying, “what, oh my god, whaaat?” in pure disbelief.

UPDATE 2: Video from the Coachella live stream has been added.