Kastle – Make You Stay (feat. JMSN)

Kastle - Make You Stay

Following the upbeat vibes of “Red Light,” Kastle slows things down for his new single, “Make You Stay.” The atmospheric number catches an assist from Los Angeles artist JMSN, who provides an echoing R&B vocal on top of some cloudy, 808-fueled ambiance. Everything builds up to infectious keyboard solos at 1:13 and 2:53, putting “Make You Stay” over the edge as a definite bedroom hit.

The single is out April 9th on Symbols Recordings, with Kastle’s self-titled album following on April 23rd.

Kastle – Make You Stay (feat. JMSN)

And if you like that, you shouldn’t leave without picking up the Kastle remix of JMSN’s “Alone” that packs a similar punch.