Daft Punk – Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers)

daft punk get lucky

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This is it. What we’ve been waiting for. The real thing. Daft Punk‘s first single off Random Access Memories, “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. No fake edits, loops or imitations, the real deal. Enjoy your new summer theme song.

iTunes: Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Radio Edit)

She’s up all night til’ the sun,
I’m up all night to get some,
She’s up all night for good fun,
I’m up all night to get lucky.

We’re up all night to the sun,
We’re up all night to get some,
We’re up all night for good fun,
We’re up all night to get lucky.

UPDATE 4/19 11:13 AM EST: Last update, the official audio from Daft Punk’s VEVO channel has been added.

UPDATE 4/18 10:03 PM EST: The mastered radio edit, purchased from the Zune store, has been added above. It’s exactly the same version you heard on this post before, only in higher quality (256kbps, 7.7 MB). Told you guys it was real.

UPDATE 4/18 11:35 AM EST: MTV has confirmed with a spokesperson for Columbia that “Get Lucky” will be released at exactly 12:01 AM on Friday (April 19). They also confirmed from a second source that this was in fact, “the genuine radio edit of the single.” In less than 13 hours, we will know for certain.

UPDATE 4/18 11:00 AM EST: Columbia and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) have requested the audio file be taken down. Along with this post, the mp3 has been removed from YouTube and SoundCloud, leading one to think it must be a legitimate radio edit of the song.

UPDATE 4/17 07:08 PM EST: As pointed out to me on Twitter, Pharrell may have foreshadowed the lyrics to “Get Lucky” at 10:44 in this interview with Nardwuar at SXSW. He’s quoted saying, “talent is like the legend of the phoenix, you know, there’s no ending or beginning, it just, it’ll be ok,” which lines up with pretty closely with the new opening verse in the track above.

UPDATE 4/17 06:37 PM EST: Moments ago, Amazon posted a listing for the “Get Lucky” radio edit, which clocks in at 4:08. They also revealed the single artwork, which is pictured above, along with the release date, April 19th, 2013. (via)

UPDATE 4/17 04:27 PM EST: Here’s another link to a Dutch radio broadcast that spun the track, claiming it was the premiere.

UPDATE 4/17 03:05 PM EST: Here is the since deleted source of the mp3 included in this post. It was uploaded by Edmonton’s Sonic 102.9 Radio in Canada, with the caption, “This is not the official, final version of the song, but we heard it, and it sounds pretty damn close..”

UPDATE 4/17 02:20 PM EST: To clarify, the original mix of “Get Lucky” is 6 minutes and 7 seconds long, making this 4-minute cut the radio edit.