Must Hear: D-WHY – A God Amongst Men + The Rave (Unreleased)

D-WHY - From The Vault - A God Amongst Men - The Rave

D-WHY has set free a couple of tracks from his vault, “A God Amongst Men” and “The Rave,” in hopes of calming the nerves of followers anxiously awaiting a Don’t Flatter Yourself follow-up:

I recorded “A God Amongst Men” in late 2010 (it’s over the beat to Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress”) and “The Rave” in mid-2011 (it’s my take on Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave”). They aren’t ‘new,’ but they’ve withstood the test of time and I wanted you all to have them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I still do.

Fans of Morris’ raw rapper persona will fall into the favor of “A God Amongst Men,” a track that I would argue is one of his best ever and the one of these two that warranted my “must hear” tag. As for fans of the slightly more indie-rock D-WHY, you’ll love his folk meets hip-hop Mumford & Sons impression in “The Rave.” Listen to and download both together below.

DOWNLOAD: D-WHY – A God Amongst Men + The Rave

D-WHY – A God Amongst Men (2010)

D-WHY – The Rave (2011)