YUS – Nowadays

YUS - Nowadays

YUS, the artist handle of Arizona’s Youceff Kabal, is one of the many independent musicians out there today that are taking their sound from the bedroom to the big stage. Since releasing his first LP back in 2010, YUS (pronounced you-ss) has opened for acts such as Youth Lagoon, Phantogram and Toro Y Moi on his way to founding Manneken Records and releasing a real breakthrough single in “Nowadays.”

If you’re looking for something to relax your Sunday evening, look no further. “Nowadays” is an utterly euphoric dreamscape of sound, majestically building over the course of it’s 4 minutes and 39 seconds into something caught between meditation and pop music. See what I’m talking about below and download a copy for one dollar over on Bandcamp.

BANDCAMP: YUS – Nowadays


How can you know what you want want for sure
I study you study to keep you close
Nowadays I don’t keep my hopes as high
Nowadays as I used to
Nowadays I don’t look too far into
Nowadays I just want you