Hear What Could Be a New Daft Punk Track, “Emphazed”

Daft Punk - Emphazed

While yet to be confirmed by any credible sources, “Emphazed” very well may be the first leaked track off Daft Punk’s rumored 2013 album, No End. Questions regarding the song’s validity aside, the churning arpeggios and ominous chord play would suggest this either true work of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, or a very well-versed impostor.

The leak of “Emphazed” comes after much speculation regarding an impending 2013 Daft Punk Tour and coinciding No End album, which was assumed to be released March 13th, 2013. Take a listen to the track after the break. Do you think it’s the real deal? More info to come as I get it.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, “Emphazed” is not a real Daft Punk song. Instead, a track incredibly similar is credited to Italian producer Jorge, under the title “Cosmic,” and was released on Beatport in September of 2011.

French electronic duo KRONO are also claiming this exact instrumental to be theirs under the title “Emphazed,” however their SoundCloud has the track uploaded on December 5th, 2012, leading me to believe they just stole it from Jorge. Either way, it’s NOT Daft Punk.

DOWNLOAD: Daft Punk – Emphazed