JOSH JAKQ – Joshua’s Demons (Album)

After hearing JOSH JAKQ’s “See You Later” all the way back in May, I immediately made room for the curly-haired Australian on my mental list of guys to watch out for. Now over five months later, Josh has delivered on a full length album that more than backs up my initial audio crush.

Based off the rather abstract cover, you may be wondering just what the duck Joshua’s Demons actually is. Here’s a quote Josh just gave me on Twitter:

Joshua’s Demons is a collection of songs that hold truths in them about the demons I feel are present in my life. Yes I am tormented by fear, lust and desire but through love I am healed.

Packing features from Cyhi The Prynce, Rilgood, and Wilds, this collection of songs is hypnotic R&B at it’s core, even hinting at a Justin Timberlake / The Weeknd crossover at times. Josh’s confident vocals act as the captivating focal point throughout, pushing the album forward and complimenting the hazy instrumentals in a way we really haven’t heard before. Like the individual album artwork, you could say each song acts as a snapshot of Jakq’s subconscious mind, revealing a new demon as you move along.

Aside from the previously posted “See You Later” and “Funeral, “Scarecrow” is my standout favorite track, followed closely by “Raging” which takes on Flume’s “Sleepless” featuring Jezzabell Doran. You can stream all of Joshua’s Demons below, and download the songs one by one from the button on the player.