Ellie Goulding – Halcyon (Full Album Stream)

In what was one of the stronger debuts in recent memory, Ellie Goulding burst onto the indie pop scene with 2010’s Lights album. Now two years later, it’s time for Elena Jane to make another massive mark on the music world with her sophomore LP, Halcyon.

In case you didn’t know, the word halcyon as an adjective means, “a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.” As a noun, a halcyon refers to “a tropical Asian and African kingsfisher with brightly colored plumage.” Goulding sort of combines both meanings for the albums inspiration, stating in an interview with Carson Daly that “[Halcyon is] like a bird that basically during the winter, it would lay its eggs by the sea and bring calm to the stormy waters and a lot of my songs on this record are about the ocean and water.”

To the naked eye, those aquatic themes are already visible through track titles like “Atlantis” and “Dead In The Water,” as well as in the beach-set music video for “Anything Could Happen.” Speaking to the sound, you could go as far as comparing Halcyon to the ebs and flows of a powerful ocean, with Goulding playing the role of an Amphitrite-like (Greek goddess of the sea) protagonist within the epic tale that is the album.

Like any great story though, you’re going to want to take in every little detail. Every angelic background vocal, every quiet ambiance, every mystic harp strum, every pounding drum kick, every poignant lyric. They all come together to paint a vivid picture of Ellie Goulding’s heart and soul, providing us with a truly beautiful piece of sound. Preview the awe-inspiring Halcyon album below and find it out on October 8th (October 9th in the US).

UPDATE (10/6): The deluxe version tracks plus two remixes from the physical copy have been added at the bottom.

UPDATE (10/11): The Spotify stream has been added, with the additional tracks and videos included beneath.

iTunes: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

15 – Hanging On (Full Length Version)

16 – Ritual

17 – In My City

18 – Without Your Love