The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Maxim Bady Reviews G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer (Video)

There are geniuses, there is Kanye West, and then there’s Maxim Bady. Not only is this guy one of the most genuinely awesome people you will ever hear speak, but he’s also got a pretty great understanding for the music he impassionately reviews. Once you get past the eccentric vernacular, infectious facial expressions, and wild hand gestures, Maxim’s explanation for G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer is undoubtedly right on target. Watch what is surely the single greatest album review of all time, and scroll down for some of the more memorable lines.

There were plenty of notable words to live by in the video, but here’s some of the particulars Bady mentioned in the track-by-track.


Dees people are like fuckin great. Dey have been relevant since dey started. Dey are de ultimate clique. You cannot fuck wit dem. Fucking with them is like you are putting your ding dong into a fiyya. You will get bunned, and you will die. Even if you don’t die you will practically be useless. What is a man without a ding dong. So do not fuck wit dem. Dey are da fucking clique.

To The World

Dave Chappelle was so fucking awesome.

The Morning

De beet on dat song is sooo fuckin sweet. It’s sooo fuckin sweet. Iss like honey from a virgin bee that eats only suga and brings out de purest honey. Dat’s how fuckin sweet dat beet is.


Pizza is triungle aandd, it is red sometimes and when it burns it is black, aaand it is hot like fiyya too. Sooo yea, pizza is illuminati too. I would say shit like that, and people will fuckin believe it…Because dey are mentaaal.


I fuckin love dat song.


De Chinese people must hate Kid Cudi, becuase der is nooo way you will copy Cudi and people will not know. Dat is how fuckin unique he is.


Iss like da vocals and de production is molesting my heart. Dat is how it touches my heart iss like it’s molesting it and raping it.

The One

Dat is fuckin ahrts fuckers. Fuckin ahrts. Only G.O.O.D. Music. So open up yo hart. Listen to dat song again and put it inside and just love it. Just ahppreciate it. You’ve never had anyting like dat anywhere before in rap. Appreciate dat shit. OK? Just appreciate it.

Sin City

Der is dis one noise in de background dat goes mmmmmmmmm. Iss like a big fly in a room making noise. If dat was anywhere else you would hate it, but in dis song dey make it sound soooo awesome. I’m like faaaack.

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