Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 (Full Album Stream)

In all honesty, I was more excited about Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II dropping this fall than I was for Cruel Summer (out now) and LongLiveA$AP (October 31st) combined. Following a steady stream of releases mixed with a little bit of controversy, the long awaited blacked-out album has finally hit the internet, and I couldn’t be happier.

Instantly standing out from the new material is track number eight, “Put ‘Em Up.” Produced by 1500 Or Nothin’, this ominous jam is simply an instant lyrical classic. If you’re saying anything besides, “wow…” after the third verse, you need to rewind.

So put them up like a robbery / A Derrick Rose lob to me / And watch and see I alley-oop it properly / Football or volley-b, hock-el-y, or sock-el-y / You just get the rock to me / Try and put me down like Gaddafi over Lockerbie / I’ll lock you in a locker b / Like Bruce Leroy, like Johnny in a locker see / Shock is the only thing that 2Pac is toppin me / Hot as rocket bottoms or kill em where your lava be

Like I said, wow. Aside from “Put ‘Em Up” and the previously heard “Around My Way, “Bitch Bad,” “Lamborghini Angels,” and “Battle Scars,” I’m pretty high on the opener “Strange Fruition,” as well as “How Dare You” featuring Bilal. Hear all 17 tracks below and decide for yourself before pre-ordering Food & Liquor II, which set to release on September 25th.

Update: The album is out, so head over to iTunes to pick up your copy and be sure to check our full F&L II review here.

iTunes: Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor II

‎6 yrs ago there was a seismic shift, a rise, a lift, he finally arrived in rap form and used that form as his platform 2 provide his gift, summarized as sick, quick witted and hip, also promoted wisdom in a broken system gave the fans a fix and b*tch n*ggas the fits, a culmination of hard work, long nights through cold water and large surf, wading the water this MC became a Man, McMan, Star Search…

Now in between these here albums we’ve had our ups & downs, partly my fault cuz the way I talk a mix of giving a fuck & he don’t fuck around, but I always kept it honest as my father made me promise, before he left this world to go and dwell amongst the comets.

So put aside the comments, the constant blog blah blah & me arguing with comics, cuz #Sept25th I bring again the gift prepare 2 b astonished.

…and waste no time when trying to decipher every verse, cuz if part 1 is just the gift part 2 will be the curse, #FL2 – Lupe Fiasco