TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) – TNGHT EP

For their debut offering as collaborative beat alchemists, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice have officially released their TNGHT EP. Consisting of five explosive hip hop instrumentals (“Top Floor,” “Goooo,” “Higher Ground,” “Bugg’n,” and “Easy Easy”), the album is nothing short of ingenius. Each track features underlying earth-shattering bass mixed with precise drum rolls and marching band style rhythms, all mixed in with an eclectic smattering of vocals, horns, claps, drips, and just about every other sonic instrumentation you could think of. It’s like a modern shade of Polow da Don (see here) mixed with a future experimental style of bass music, giving you something for the club as well as for your car (just be careful not to blow your speakers).

The TNGHT EP shouldn’t fall anywhere short of your top summer releases, so hit the break for the streams and download from iTunes (or get the physical release from Bleep) below.

TNGHT – TNGHT EP | iTunes | Bleep

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