The Ritual, Mighty Morphin Foreskin, and Captain Murphy’s True Identity

Over the past few weeks, a rapper going by the name Captain Murphy has become hip hop’s most captivating enigma. The question everyone is asking goes something like, “WHO IS CAPTAIN MURPHY?,” so in this post, I connect the dots and collect a few clues that may help pinpoint Murphy’s true identity. Hit, the break and let’s solve this mystery.

We’ll begin our journey on the Cartoon Network. If you’re an avid Adult Swim watcher, you may recognize the name from the since cancelled animated series, Sealab 2021, where Captain Hazel “Hank” Murphy acts as the irresponsible leader of the crew (see clip below).

If you’re into hip hop more than you are cartoons, you probably saw the name pop up alongside Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt in “Between Friends,” a track that acted as part 6 of Adult Swim’s Singles Program. The featured verse from this unknown alias alongside such high profile names instantly raised a lot of questions regarding Captain Murphy’s true identity.

If you go back a week before “Between Friends,” you’ll find this song, “Mighty Morphin Foreskin,” which serves as YouTube user CaptainMurphyVillian‘s first upload, and our first glimpse into some of Murphy’s nuances and lyricism.

Now fast forward to today, where we get a new drop from Captain Murphy titled “The Ritual.” The prophetic track goes in over Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine,” and features a video depicting the same bearded skeleton animation as the previous video.

After these three offerings, YouTube comments are already ablaze with opinions on who Captain Murphy truly is. A Tyler, The Creator x Flying Lotus x Earl Sweatshirt alter-ego is one of the more popular choices, based off some of the odd references in the lyrics, as well as the evil laugh from 1:24 of “The Ritual that is almost identical to the one heard in FlyLo’s “$tunt$” (below). After all, it was Flying Lotus who originally shared the video for “Mighty Morphin Foreskin,” so even if it’s not him, there is definitely some sort of connection.

Another front-running culprit is Los Angeles producer/rapper Zeroh. The fairly unknown emcee (outside of Tumblr at least) would seem a fitting personality to be the man behind Captain Murphy. Just take a look at the similarities between the album artwork found in “The Ritual” download (left) and Zeroh’s Twitter background (right).

Taking a few samples off Zeroh’s awfulalterations mixtape, the vocal comparisons to the above Captain Murphy verses are uncanny, however, Zeroh has already taken to Twitter to deny that he is in fact the man behind Murphy. Should we believe him?

Finally, there’s a stretch that Captain Murphy could be DOOM (previously known as MF DOOM), or even Aesop Rock. While there are some similarities to be drawn, I’d say we can probably go ahead and dismiss this theory, but then again, you never know.

So, who do I think Captain Murphy is? Probably just Captain Murphy, and no one else. While it may be a little unnerving for some to not know who they are in fact listening to, there’s no doubt the man, whoever he is, has talent. He’s already taken to Twitter to dismiss the people trying to pinpoint his identity, but it seems he’s only furthered the mystery.

The one thing I can say with confidence is that this is only the beginning of Captain Murphy’s discography. The album title in “The Ritual” download is Du∆lity, so one can only assume there’s some sort of album or mixtape in the works. For now though, let’s all just take in the music and Captain Murphy will surely be revealed in time.

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